Hi cyclists out there!
In July 05 we started our biketour from Alaska towards "El fin del Mundo". Right now we are enjoying the Dominican Republic befor we´ll hop over to the Southern Continent - Venezuela.

Who knows the route Manaus - Porto Velho - Rio Branco - Inapari - Cuzco? How´s the road (pavement), can you pedal there also in the rainy season (at least parts; January to March), where are the longest stretches without settlements and possibilities to buy food/water (at least to filter), what are the best maps (and can you get those also in Manaus), are there possibilities to camp out (especially in the rainy season).

Who knows/cycled the route Inapari to Cuzco (pavement, supplies, maps etc.).

Thanks for your help! The bike-lausers Nicki & Gerhard